About Dictionaryapp.com

We here at dictionary app have been doing research on apps related to the English language for quite some time.
There's lots out there - some indistinguishable from each other and others best left in the app store.

Dictionaries can really only be presented as such, think of dictionaries in the physical world - they're all pretty much the same.
Not so much the case in the app world where other languages can be included along with a host of features.
Some are presented as just a dictionary and others such as thefreedictionary provide a virtual bookshelf in terms of features and content.

Of course in terms of word based games there's only so much that can be achieved in terms of game-play and presentation - words not being very flexible. However, some word game apps look like student projects and others sparkle.

We have provided a list of what we have downloaded, used and what our experience has been.
We hope you enjoy the site.

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